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Uremia Prognosis

The prognosis of Uremia depends on various complications and risk factors such as infections, heart failure, dehydrate or improper treatments.

How To Prolong Life Expectancy Of Uremia Patients

How To Prolong Life Expectancy Of Uremia Patients

Current medical level can not treat uremia but we can prolong uremia patients life expectancy with correct treatment. Well, how to prolong life expectancy of uremia patients? Uremia is the result of chronic kidney disease developing to late...Read More

What about the Prognosis in Uremia

What about the Prognosis in Uremia

Chronic kidney failure is a slow progressive disease. Renal damage is irreversible, although treatments for slowing down this process are available. Uremia describes the illness condition in kidney failure wherein metabolic wastes accumulat...Read More

Uremia Questionnaire

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