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Renal Duplication

Renal duplication is a genetic abnormality of kidney. Click and learn its diagnosis, causes, symptoms, complications, prognosis and treatment here.

Potential Symptoms of Renal Duplication

Potential Symptoms of Renal Duplication

Renal duplication is the common congenital abnormality of kidney and ureter with morbidity 15000:1. And also, unilateral deformity is more common than bilateral deformity. People with renal duplication may experience no symptoms and in such...Read More

About Renal Duplication

About Renal Duplication

Renal Duplication, together with horseshoe kidney and medullary sponge kidney, are the common abnormal development of kidney and just as its name implies, Renal Duplication means there are two kidneys which usually merge as a whole. For Ren...Read More

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