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Can Membranous Nephropathy Develop into Chronic Kidney Failure

2013-10-25 16:42

Membranous nephropathy is a disorder with the inflammation and structural change of glomeruli which are the filters in kidneys.Can membranous nephropathy develop into chronic kidney failure?

Can membranous nephropathy develop into chronic kidney failure?

Membranous nephropathy is an immunologically medicated kidney disorder.Immune system is a powerful protective system in body.When foreign harmful substances invade into body,the immune system will produce antibodies to defeat them.

However,in Membranous Nephropathy,the immune system fails to function properly.As a result,the immune proteins build up in glomerular basement membrane abnormally.The abnormal deposits of immune proteins can cause inflammation in kidneys, resulting in progressive renal function decline.So the patients with membranous nephropathy will develop chronic kidney failure.

How to stop membranous nephropathy into chronic Kidney Failure?

To stop membranous nephropathy into chronic kidney failure, what treatment should be used?The combined therapy of Immunotherapy and Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is the recommended treatment for people with membranous nephropathy.Read on to learn how these two treatments function to treat Membranous Nephropathy.


Immunotherapy can suppress the inflammatory response in kidneys in a rapid and effective way.Once the inflammation in kidneys are controlled,no more damage will do kidneys.In this way,the renal function will stop deteriorating.In addition, immunotherapy can correct the immune dysfunction and rebuild normal immune system in body.Hence,it can enhance the self-healing ability of the body.

Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy

Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is a natural external therapy for kidney disease and it has showed enormous treatment effects in clinical practice.

Chinese medicines can degrade the immune protein deposits in kidneys and make them in blood.Eventually,the degraded deposits will be filtered out of body.In addition,the Chinese medicines are tonic to kidney tissues and can regenerate the impaired kidney tissues.In this way,the renal function will be improved fundamentally.Membranous nephropathy will be prevented into chronic kidney failure.

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