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What is Proper Treatment for Membranous Nephropathy

2012-09-24 17:25

Membranous Nephropathy is one of the common types of kidney disease. On the one hand, timely proper treatment will relieve the symptoms, improve kidney condition and help to recover from the disease. On the other hand, good care nursing will assist the treatment to remit the illness condition. Remember, you are managing your condition on your own so you will need to learn as much as possible.

Clinical presence of Membranous Nephropathy varies greatly in different cases. In some clinical cases, the disease can get remitted spontaneously. As many as 40% people eventually develop kidney failure. Proper treatment for the disease mainly includes the following aspects:

Anti-coagulation. Various factors may result in high blood coagulation in the patients, including loss of proteins, long-term use of diuretics and glucocortoids, etc. Improving blood circulation and reducing coagulation will help reduce proteinuria and improve kidney functions.

Reduce high blood lipids. High blood lipids will deteriorate glomerular sclerosis and increase risks of cardiovascular diseases. Certain medicines or blood purification to remove high blood lipids is one of the important aspects in treatment of Membranous Nephropathy.

Anti-inflammation. The treatment target is to reduce infiltration of inflammatory cells and stop further damage to glomerular epithelial cells.

Repairing and restoring. Repair damaged kidney cells and improve kidney function--this is the root way to rid symptoms and treat the disease. Through dilating blood vessels, removing inflammation, eliminating stasis and thrombosis, the kidneys may be provided a favorable environment for repairing injured renal tissues. In view of this, traditional Chinese medicine treatment has many advantages in comparison to western medicine treatment.

Daily care nursing

Balance activities

If one has evident swelling, enough rest will improve renal blood volume so that more urine can be discharged. As swelling is disappearing, some moderate exercise will be recommended to reduce occurrence of thrombosis and risks of stroke.

Balanced diet.

Restricting intake of sodium assists in management of blood pressure and remit swelling. Excess protein will produce more urea wastes and make kidneys even worse. Low-protein diet together with supplementation of essential amino acids will confirm nutrition status and reduce proteinuria. In addition, low lipid diet helps to control hyperlipidemia and reduce onset of such complications as arterial sclerosis.

The above introduces proper treatment to manage Membranous Nephropathy. If you or a loved one has the disease, you may consult an expert to seek for specific treatment guidance.

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