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Diet in Membranous Nephropathy

2012-09-24 16:18

diet in membranous nephropathyThe patients with Membranous Nephropathy need to pay attention to their diet. A reasonable diet will decrease burdens on the kidneys thus slowing down progression of the kidney condition, while improper diet may worsen the illness condition. Well then, what aspects should be paid attention to for people with Membranous Nephropathy?

Fresh fruits and vegetables are beneficial for people with membranous Nephropathy. They will supplement plenty of vitamins and necessary elements to human body. Only one thing to remember, if one has high potassium or kidney failure, a wide range of fruits with rich potassium content should be avoided, which includes apples, bananas, oranges, potatoes, tea and soy sauce should be rid from your diet.

Avoid any type of stimulating food, such as pepper, chocolate, coffee, alcohol, aniseed, caraway, etc. Light and digestible foods are preferable choices, as compared to seafoods, greasy products, all kinds of meat, etc. Those with high uric acid need to avoid viscera, beer, beans and spinaches so as not to worsen the condition.

The intake of fluid should be well controlled if one experiences swelling or has reduced urine output. Having much sodium may result in swelling and induce or aggravate high blood pressure. Generally, it is suggested that daily sodium intake should be no more than 5g. Keep away from processed foods, smoked products, pickles and fast foods.

To reduce the production of urea waste product, the patients usually need to limit their consumption of proteins. High quality animal proteins are preferred choices in daily diet, such as egg white, milk, lean meat, etc. Plant proteins, such as beans, are not suggested because they will produce more wastes in metabolism process.

A proper diet will help those with Membranous Nephropathy recover from their illness condition faster and better. The above are general suggestions. When making a diet plan, you will need to take your individualized condition into consideration. You may talk with your doctors, or consult us to get personalized dietary plan.

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