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How to Stop Kidney Deterioration from Diabetes

2012-10-06 17:07

Diabetic kidney disease is secondary to chronic high blood glucose from Diabetes. The patients require early detection and treatment to stop kidneys from deteriorating caused by Diabetes.

How does Diabetes cause kidney disease?

Patients with diabetes usually have a high glucose in their blood vessels, though they can control the gluose with metformin, gliquidone and other hypotensors, there is still a chance for them to suffer from bumping glucose. Kidneys consist of massive blood vessels and capillaries, so they are quite easily to get impaired. With the impairment of blood vessels, blood and nutrition supply in kidneys is insufficient. In this case, functional cells in kidneys can be damaged and dead gradually, so kidneys fail to work properly, and various clinical indicators becomes abnormal, increased creatinine, BUN and Urea acid etc. Also, high glucose increase the blood viscosity, which slow down the blood circulation, so patients can easily feel fatigue and weakness. So the crux to treat patients who suffer from diabetes and kidney disease is to block the further aggravation of those remaining functional cells and regenerate functional cells to replace those impaired ones.

How to stop kidney deterioration from Diabetes?

Our body consists of numerous cells and most of metabolisms are conducted by these functional cells. When these functional cells get damaged or become insensitive, our health can meet up problems. We adopt Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to repair impaired kidneys and improve kidney functions. This treatment is given externally, the active ingredient can penetrate into human body with the help of osmosis device. Patients can take this treatment just by lying on their back and they would feel massaged during the whole treatment. It takes 45mins for each treatment, and 3times every day. After a period of treatment, patients can have some obvious improvement in their urine, including appearance, color and volume. With the recovery of functional cells, patients can feel comfortable gradually. This is the amazing function from traditional Chinese medicine.

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