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Dangers for Diabetics on Dialysis

2012-09-28 11:33

Dangers for Diabetics on DialysisAs the incidence of diabetic increases year by year, the number of patients with diabetic nephropathy also increases very fast. Dialysis as the end-stage patients’ first choice to prolong their life may have some dangers that must capture our attention.

1. Cardiovascular diseases. Cardiovascular disease especially heart failure is the main danger to cause the diabetics’ death. According to the clinical research, during the dialysis, the patient’s weight increases too much can be an independent factor to cause the patient’s heart failure, and other factors including continuous high blood pressure, anemia and arrhythmia can also cause heart failure.

2. Infection. Because of the dialysis diabetics’ immune function deficiency and the low airframe resistance, the infection of many systems especially the skin can happen very easily. According to reports, the risk of dialysis patients’ infection is doubled and the mortality of dialysis diabetics is also doubled. So infection is also a big danger for diabetics on dialysis.

3. Poor nutrition. During the dialysis, diabetics’ poor nutrition is common. A lot of protein will be lost in the dialysis, and then poor nutrition will appear if these lost proteins can’t be supplied timely.

4. Cerebral vascular accident. Diabetes itself is one dangerous factor to cerebral vascular accident. In the dialysis, too much ultrafiltration can makes blood pressure rise fast to lead to cerebral vascular accident.

Few diabetics can think of so many dangers on their dialysis. In their view, dialysis is only a way to prolong their life. Now, since we have known these dangers, we should take some measures to prevent these dangers. Good dialysis equipments and an excellent expert team can help us achieve this purpose. Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital equipped with advanced dialysis equipments just provides a good medical environment for diabetics to avoid these dangers.

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