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Treatment for Stage 3 Kidney Disease Caused by Diabetes

2013-09-05 16:44

Diabetic nephropathy is a kidney disorder secondary to diabetes.It is a disorder in which renal function decreases progressively.What is the treatment for stage 3 kidney disease caused by diabetes?

How does stage 3 kidney disease occur in diabetes?

The tiny blood vessels in kidneys can filter blood to remove wastes and extra fluid from body. However,if blood sugar level is not controlled effectively,the blood in high concentration will cause extra stress on kidneys.Over time,the tiny blood vessels will become worn out and fail to work properly.In stage 3 kidney disease,a partial tiny blood vessels in kidneys are involved.Compared with kidney diseases caused by other conditions and diseases, the prognosis of stage 3 kidney disease caused by diabetes is worse.

Treatment for stage 3 kidney disease caused by diabetes

In conventional treatment,the treatment for stage 3 kidney disease caused by diabetes is mainly to control the symptoms like high blood pressure,proteinuria,high blood sugar etc.These treatments can slow renal function deterioration, but can not halt the disease progression completely.Diabetes is the leading cause Kidney Failure in clinic.

Is there any alternative treatment for stage 3 kidney disease caused by diabetes?To treat the condition completely,the treatment should be able to stop the renal function deterioration and improve renal function.

The first treatment step is to treat Diabetes and the accelerators of renal function decline like high blood pressure, proteinuria, hyperlipidemia etc. How to control these complications? Chat with our online doctor for some suggestions.

The second treatment step is to restore the impaired tiny blood vessels in kidneys. If the tiny blood vessels can be repaired, the kidneys will certainly have a renal function improvement.

Simple western medicines can not attain the treatment goal.The combined application of western medicine and Chinese medicine can bring about a remarkable treatment outcome.

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