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Kidney Disease Due to Diabetes Mellitus

2013-05-11 10:02

Kidney Disease which occurs due to Diabetes Mellitus is called Diabetic Nephropathy. Diabetes is the most common cause of kidney failure and accounts for nearly 44% of new cases. Kidney disease caused by diabetes mellitus progresses quickly, so a early diagnosis and treatment is very essential for preventing dialysis and kidney transplant.

Symptoms of kidney disease due to diabetes mellitus

Actually, there is no obvious and visible symptom for kidney disease caused by diabetes mellitus, but with medical tests, albumin can be found in urine. However, with the progression of illness condition, various symptoms like high blood pressure, fatigue, weakness, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, itching, easy bruising, chest pain, bleeding and so on.

These symptoms occur because of decreased kidney function, but in turn they make bad influence on illness condition. From this point of view, bringing these symptoms under control is of great significance.

Management for kidney disease due to diabetes mellitus

Since diabetes mellitus is the root cause of diabetic nephropathy, effective control of diabetes must be a part of the treatment for kidney disease which occurs due to diabetes mellitus.

The followings are the several tips that can help patients with kidney disease due to diabetes mellitus to bring their illness condition under control effectively:

1. Bring blood sugar into normal range, which not only helps to control diabetes mellitus, but also help to avoid further kidney damages.

2. Tight control of blood pressure: similar with high blood sugar, elevated blood pressure also accelerates kidney disease to kidney failure stage. In this light, bringing blood pressure into the normal range is very necessary.

3. Proper nutrition is essential for anyone living with kidney disease due to diabetes mellitus. There is no prescribed diet plan that is suitable for all the patients, but usually, they need to limit protein intake, salt intake as well as fluid intake if they have severe swelling.

4. Medical treatment to improve kidney function: Kidney disease progresses and kidney function decreases over time if left alone, so medical treatment like Immunotherapy which can help to improve kidney function is necessary.

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