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How to Lower Proteinuria

2012-10-20 17:16

Proteinuria is the typical symptom of chronic kidney disease and its formation is closely related to the glomerular barrier functions.

The kidneys normally filter wastes and toxins out of the blood and protein and red blood cells can not be discharged into urine due to the glomerular filtration and the tubular re-absorption.

If other elements such as physiological factor and orthostatic factor can be ruled out, proteinuria can be the indicator of renal parenchymal damages through the related tests including B ultrasound, kidney function, routine urine test, etc.

If not treated timely, long term protein leakage in urine will further damage the kidney and worsen the chronic kidney disease, therefore it is very important to know how to lower proteinuria and reverse renal damages or at least slow down illness progression.

Lowering proteinuria through diets:

1. Limit the intake of protein. Too much protein intake will further increase kidneys’ burden and worsen the illness. However we know that protein is the necessary nutrition for human life and long term protein loss will definitely cause hypoalbuminemia and edema. Therefore patients should have high quality proteins such as those contained in lean meat, freshwater fish, milk and egg white, etc. They contain essential amino acids that human body needs and at the same time will produce less metabolic wastes so as to lower burdens to the kidneys.

2. Limit the intake of salt. Salt will decrease the water in the body, worsen the edema and aggravate protein leakage in urine.

Lowering proteinuria through prevention:

Edema is one sign of proteinuria due to hypoalbuminemia and in case of edema; patients should do related tests such as urine test and blood test. If patients have high blood pressure, high blood sugar or frequent urinary tract infections, they should first bring these conditions under control.

Lowering proteinuria through medicines:

ACEI, ARB and beta blockers can help lower protein levels in urine and help lower proteinuria.

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