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Chinese Medicines Treat Urine Protein, Swelling and Hematuria Radically

Chinese medicine and urine protein

Chinese medicine and swelling

Chinese medicine and hematuria

Treatment characteristics of Kidney Disease Hospital

Matters needing attention in kidney disease treatment

Chinese medicine and urine protein

Urine protein is nutrient substance in Chinese medicine. Urine protein can be formed in three forms. One is deficiency of spleen qi which can not ascend clear and disperse essence. Nutrient substances will deposit in bladder and leak into urine. Urine protein occurs. The second is lung qi fen yu which can not disperse. And there is unsmooth jiaoqi and vital essences leak into urine instead of being along the facial nerves, forming protein. The third is kidney qi loss and vital essences can not be seeled up. Vital essenses will leak into urine and form proteinuria.

In a word, proteinuria is due to weak lung, weak spleen and weak kidney. Also it is affected by inpathogens and outside loose. The formation of refractory proteinuria is due to various toxins.

Chinese medicine and swelling

The formation of swelling has close relation with lung, spleen, kidney and three jiao. Since wind, cold, dampness and blood stasis deposit in your body for a long time, it will form toxins. This will cause disorder of lung, spleen, kidney and three Jiao. When disorder of qi function occurs, water dampness can not work normally. Swelling appears in this case. The second is spleen can not prevent fluid. Then fluid will spread to your skin, arms and legs. Swelling occurs. The third reason is unsmooth jiao qi and fluid along the facial nerves lead to lots of fluid which can spread to your whole body. Swelling occurs. The fourth reason is blood stasis stops qi function and water-dampness can not work properly. Then it will appear in your skin and whole body, causing swelling.

Chinese medicine and hematuria

The occurrence of hematuria is due to damage on heart, liver, spleen and kidney. Because heart, liver, spleen and kidney are all attacked by pathogenic wind, heat evil and blood stasis. Therefore, there are four reasons to form hematuria. One is heat will be toxins and burn your veins. Then bleeding will occur due to blood heat and blood will leak from arteries and veins into urine. In this condition, hematuria will occur. The second reason is that blood flows to outside blood vessels due to insufficient spleen. In this case, blood will leak into urine and form hematuria. The third reason is that opening-dispersing wind pathogen disturbs your kidney collateral. Blood will leak into urine and form hematuria. The fourth reason is that lots of stasis will be toxins and block your kidney collaterals. Blood leaks out of blood vessels and into urine to cause hematuria.

Treatment characteristics of Kidney Disease Hospital

What characteristics does Kidney Disease Hospital have in kidney disease treatment? Especially in the treatment of intractable proteinuria, blood in urine and swelling? Are there any differences with other hospitals?

The main characteristics of Kidney Disease Hospital in kidney disease treatment is the application of toxin-removing medicines. The experience of our hospital is to avoid expectant treatment while we give Toxin-Removing Treatment which targets at phlegm-damp retention. Therefore, the treatment principle in kidney disease treatment is removing toxins first before treating kidney disease and when toxins are removed, diseases will disappear naturally. We insist on the following tips in kidney disease treatment:

1. Invigorate spleen and supplementing qi, clear dampness and remove toxins

2. Remove wind and dampness

3. Promote qi and dilate your blood vessels, purge turbidity and clear toxins

4. Nourish kidney and promote blood circulation, disperse blood stasis and remove toxins

5. Nourish your kidney and cool blood, clear away heat and toxic materials

Treatment effect of Kidney Disease Hospital

With Toxin-Removing Treatment, it can remove toxins of dampness, heat, turbidity and stasis from your body. This can recover injured kidney tissues and bring lung, spleen, kidney function back to normal so as to achieve the following effects:

1. Kidneys can discharge extra fluid out of your body, then swelling disappears.

2. Kidney’s function to reduce blood stasis and filtering function is improved, then proteinuria disappears.

3. Toxins are removed out of your body, kidney tissues are repaired, blood and qi become smooth, then hematuria goes away.

The above three effects guarantee chronic nephritis (including chronic kidney disease) can be cured completely in Kidney Disease Hospital.

Matters needing attention in kidney disease treatment

1. Avoid misdiagnosis and mistreatment

Chronic kidney disease belongs to complicated disease. Its pathogenesis is complex, diagnosis is difficult, treatment method is less so it is easy to have misdiagnosis and mistreatment. Therefore, during the process of kidney disease treatment, you must look for more professional hospital and doctor for exact diagnosis. Because only diagnosis is correct can mistreatment be avoided.

2. Find effective treatment

Treatment for kidney disease has higher requirement to technology level. Without powerful techonology, it is difficult to complete kidney disease treatment. Therefore, kidney patients must be cautious when looking for treatment. Up to now, western medicines have no effective methods in kidney disease treatment. If you want to get a better curative effect, you should find an experienced and professional hospital or expert for treatment.

3. Insist on treatment

Once you find an effective treatment, you should insist on treatment and get cured at one time. During treatment process, the most important thing is to cooperate with your doctor, listen to your doctor’s order, take medicines only as directed, recheck up timely to avoid kidney disease relapse and causing more loss.

4. Have confidence in your treatment

Have confidence in your treatment and do not be affected by health insurance and other factors. Curative effect should not be affected by funds. Do not let reversible disease to turn into irreversible disease.

5. Family members should support kidney patients to reduce patients’ mental stress.

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