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1.Learn About Us

2.Select a Aoctor or Ask us for Advice

3.Make an Appointment

4.Arrange a Travel

Never visit a hospital overseas before? Don't worry, we have received more than 800 international patients, so we have plenty of experience in arranging your visit or stay in China. Read on and find how to plan your visit and how can we help.

Step 1. Learn About Us

This website is designed to offer information to international kidney disease patients who seeks for doctors, treatments, patients stories and basic kidney disease and conditions knowledge.

Kidney Disease is a very complex disease which sometimes may involve a whole family. If you cannot find a better treatment in your country, we hope the information we provide about Chinese medicines, doctors, hospitals may help. In addition, the treatments we recommend not only involve in Chinese medicine, leading western medicines will make the traditional Chinese medicine more effective in dealing with most chronic kidney diseases.

Find out who we are, where we are, what we can do for you at through our websites.

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Step 2. Select a Aoctor or Ask us for Advice

The next step for many people is to select a doctor. We have over 880 physicians representing 20 kidney disease specialties to choose from. Our Find A Doctor page helps you find one who meets your requirements.

If you need an instant reply or personalized answer, you can leave your message and contact information to kidneycares@hotmail.com. We will give you a reply immediately after we get your email.

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Step 3. Make an Appointment

If you decide to make a visit, appointment form will be useful. The appointment aims at contacting you by phone within two business days to review your medical and financial information. If you prefer, you may select a date and ask us to recommend a doctor. We will process your request and confirm your appointment by email.

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Step 4 Arrange a Travel

After you select a doctor or make an appointment with us, our doctor assistant can help you arrange a tour from your country to China. You can see get the info about Hotels near our hospital from our Free Online Service, and our online staff can help book your hotel immediately.

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